Pneumonia Symptoms

Bacterial Pneumonia Symptoms

Doctors often classify the disease as typical and atypical pneumonia based on the visible signs and symptoms. This enables easy identification of the bacteria causing pneumonia, the estimation of duration of illness and the optimal course of treatment.

  • Symptoms of typical pneumonia.

    • Typical pneumonia develops very quickly.
    • It usually causes high fever and chills.
    • The sputum appears yellow or brown after a spell of coughing.
    • There could be chest pain which worsens with deep breathing or with coughing. The chest may also be sore and painful to touch.
    • There could be shortness of breath which could be more acute if patient also suffers from chronic lung ailments like asthma or emphysema.
    • Since chest pain could also be a symptom of other serious ailments, it is not advisable to self-diagnose. It is important to consult a specialist in case you experience any of the above symptoms.

  • Symptoms of atypical pneumonia.

    • Atypical pneumonia develops gradually.
    • It is also called ‘walking’ pneumonia.
    • It may follow another illness which may have developed a few days or weeks earlier.
    • The fever is generally lower and there are fewer chances of chills.
    • Headaches, body ache and joint and abdominal pain but no chest pain.
    • There could be a dry cough accompanied by little or no sputum.
    • General fatigue and a feeling of tiredness.
    • Older people may experience disorientation or confusion which could be a sign of atypical pneumonia.

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