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About Us provides you information about Pneumonia, its symptoms, causes, and treatment. It briefly describes about the diseases, and the disease causing microorganisms. Apart from these, it also provides information about diagnosis, risk factors, complications, and types of Pneumonia.

This site briefly describes about the symptoms of Pneumonia in a very simple language so that everyone can easily understand them. It also provides you information about tips, and list of questions to be asked to the doctor about this disease.

It will help the user to know more about the disease, and clear all the myths related to it. There are many info links available in this website which advertises about the medical insurance, and other related services.

It provides information about the different types of pneumonia and simple steps that can be adopted for treating them. It has separate section for the types of pneumonia that elaborates about each type, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

It also describes about the ways to prevent pneumonia and vaccines that are available to prevent it and also specifications about who should not be administered these vaccines. It gives information about prognosis of pneumonia and the statistical data associated with the number of people hospitalized and dead due to this disease. It also briefly describes about the complications of the disease.